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You May want to order stained glass samples to see if the color and texture your looking for really is going to work well in your home or office.

The Stained glass samples all come as a 4 x 4 inch square.

All of the samples cost $3.00 per sample plus *shipping costs

*shipping charges for 4 samples vary between $6 - $8.

Check out our supplier for a Complete list of all stained glass samples offered.

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Order Your Stained Glass Samples

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* we will contact you for your billing information in person.

Vertical Stained Glass Window Gallery
Our Vertical Window Gallery holds all of our Windows that are vertically aligned and have square corners.

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Octagon Stained Glass Window Gallery
Our Octagon Window gallery contains Images that are an Otcagon shape.

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How To Install Stained Glass Windows
A guide on how to install stained glass windows into your home

View Stained Glass samples
See a complete list of our stained glass samples from our supplier
Circle Stained Glass Window Gallery
Our Circle Window gallery contains Images that are Circular in Design.

Stained Glass Transom Window Gallery
Our Transom Window Gallery is a collection of images and designs that are wider then most, so that it can fit above any door or in any piano window.

Contact Us
Contact Us if you have any questions or comments about, or any of the Stained Glass windows.

Round Top Stained Glass Window Gallery
Our Round Top Window Gallery has collection on windows that have a curved top.

Order Stained Glass Samples
Order Stained Glass Samples to see what glass is like in person.