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How to Install Your Stained Glass Windows

Replacing any window is a pretty straight forward task, many professionals will try to make you believe that it is a very difficult task that only someone trained is capable of accomplishing it. Well if you have ever seen a window being install, it really is as easy as it looks, as long as you are patient and think through everything before you start your task.

Tools Needed

  1. Putty Knife or Scrapper
  2. Exacto Knife
  3. Double Sided Setting Tape
Removing The Old Glass
  1. DO NOT BREAK THE WINDOW PANE. If the window pane is a whole unit it makes your job much easier. However if your replacing a broken pane remember safety and wear thick gloves and safety goggles. clean up the area around the window, make the work place safer.

  2. To remove the window you must first remove the stops. On wood window frames the stop is nailed in place, take care to not break it as your removing it. On vinyl window frames the stop is a little easier to remove, you slide a putty knife under the stop in on of the corners and gently pry the stops apart in that corner, and then you carefully pull the stop off, taking care not to twist or pull at to much of an angle so that the stop will not snap. Mark Where Each stop was removed from as you go, either with tape or a washable marker. Remove all the stops around the window in this way.

  3. Now that all the stops are removed, you can take your exacto knife and on the interior of the home run the knife around the window cutting the tape away from the window. Make sure the there is another person on the outside, prepared to catch the window just in case it falls, it doesn't happen to often, but it does happen.

  4. Once the Window is removed With your helper still outside, apply a little pressure to the top of the window from the inside going out. If you cut the tape away from the window it shouldn't take much pressure at all to get the window away from the frame, but some pressure may be necessary.
  5. With the window fully removed from the frame, now you clean up the frame, remove and bunched up double sided tape and generally tidy up the frame, this will make your window easier to handle while your installing it.

  6. Now that your Frame is clean, apply your double sided tape, peal off one side of the protective cover on the tape, and apply it to your window frame. With the tape, just go along the edge, you do not need to cut strips, just make the tape curve around the corners. Once that's done, lightly press the tape to the frame to make sure it sticks.

  7. Now go give your Stained glass window a light buff on the edges that will be touching the tape. It is always recommended to give your window a little buff clean before every step, to remove any oils from your fingers or marks that will be harder to clean later.

  8. Now that your window frame is prepped and ready to accept your new stained glass window, move the stained glass panel so that it is close and accessible to the window frame. Peal away the protective cover on the tape that will adhere to window. once the tape is bared you should act somewhat quickly just to avoid getting particles in between the tape and the window, preventing a well adhered surface.

  9. From the exterior lift your Stained glass window into place. Have a person on the interior to help guide the stained glass panel into place. Align one corner at a time starting with the bottom and then the top. you want to try and get your window centered inside the frame as much as possible. To raise the stained glass paned up, use wedges, these will raise the window the small amount that you will need to center it completely. From the outside press firmly with your fingers against the outer edges of the window were the tape is located to make sure the glass adheres to the tape.

  10. Have your helper come outside to watch the window, and keep a slight pressure against it to make sure it does not fall out. Now with the window aligned and in place take those stops and place them in where they were removed from.

  11. With your stops in place give the glass a good buff from the outside and the inside and call it done.

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