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Frequently Asked Questions - Stained Glass Windows

Q: Do your stained glass windows come with the frame, or can you supply the frame?

A: No, our glass inserts do not come with any frames. They are custom made to fit into your existing frames.

Q: How can I track my order or find out the status of my order?

A: Most orders are sent standard ground with Fed Ex but there are RUSH shipping options available.  When your order has been picked up by the courier we e-mail your tracking number so that you will receive prior notice.

Q: How can I be sure my order will arrive in good condition?

A: We pride ourselves on the quality of the packaging for all of our customers. All shipments are packaged with extraordinary care. Each insert is protected individually by cushioned packaging inside the heavy duty carton. Your order is shipped with UPS, fully insured against any damage. Rest easy knowing we have done everything possible to ensure the safe arrival of your new inserts . The risk of something happening very small indeed. In the unlikely event of damage, please contact us immediately with your concerns.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my new glass ?

A: Maintenance is the same as you would clean any window. We recommend using a soft, lint-free cloth such as old linens. Paper towels should not be used. Spray your regular window cleaner on the soft lint-free cloth and carefully wipe off any fingerprints or dust.

Q: What if I decide I would like more?

A: All orders are kept on file detailing the size, colors and textures, choice of decorative bevels, design or pattern. we keep all pertinent information required to duplicate your order, or or incorporate design elements into a new order.

Q: Are There Other Colors Of Lead Came Available?

A: All pricing shown is based on our standard colors dark antique and zinc (sliver). Brass is available with additional charges.

Q: What Does "Patina" Mean?

A: Patina is the oxidization of the came that is produced over long periods of time & can be reproduced by applying a solution to the surface. When the solution is applied to the came it turns dark almost instantly & remains dark. This is called “Antique Patina Came”.

What Do You call The Black Lines?

A: The black lines on a stained glass window is the came, the metal that surrounds the glass,runs through the glass, and gives the glass it's design.

How Long Does It Take?

A: Most often it takes about 4 - 5 weeks in production depending on volumes plus ground shipping time. Rush shipping quotes are available.

What Is A Texture?

A: The word texture refers to the roughness embossed into the glass which gives it a sparkle or life when light is introduced. Most textured glass is colorless but some are available with color.

What Is Transparent VS Opaque?

A: Transparency is how much light is allow to pass through the glass, or how see-through it is.
Opaque is the opposite of transparent meaning that no light can pass through or that it is not see-though.

What Is Daylight Measurements?

A: The part of of the stained glass the light actually passes through, parts that are not being covered by the unit or frame of the window or cabinet.

What Is a Template For?

A: For odd shapes or round tops, a template is often used. A template is used to get the final shape that stained glass will be when just measurements do not work.

What Is An Install?

A: When we refer to an install we are talking about installing your stained glass window in it's frame.

Which Silicone Should I Use?

A: For caulking your insert into place we generally advise a clear silicone, and we suggest one that is mold and mildew resistant.

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